DOI: 10.36647/ttidmkd/01.01.a005
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Role of Data Visualization in Storytelling by Curating Data into an Easier form

Rudra Bhanu Satpathy,J. Sunil Gavaskar

Computer science
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Data visualization is an effective method to enhance the efficiency of the storytelling process through clearly delivering the message to the audience. This research study is based on the role of data visualization in storytelling through curetting data into an easier form. In order to demonstrate the importance of data visualization, the research study has provided a concept about the data visualization and its benefits on the organization. In addition, the research study has critically evaluated the impact of data visualization on the process of storytelling. However, the research has implicated the positivism research philosophy, descriptive research design and deductive research approach to justify the research purpose. On the other hand, the data has been collected through a secondary method of data collection to collect the valuable data regarding the research topic. The research study also provide a sustainable view about the Keyword : Data visualization, Storytelling, information, organization