What is OA.mg?

OA.mg is a search engine for academic papers. Whether you are looking for a specific paper, or for research from a field, or all of an author’s works – OA.mg is the place to find it.

Why does OA.mg need to exist?

Universities and researchers funded by the public publish their research in papers, but where do we find and read them? Many of them are Open Access (thanks to Plan S and other legislative efforts), but we are missing a central place to find them all and read them.
This is why we built OA.mg.

Why did we build OA.mg?

There are many existing research tools, so why did the world need a new one?
We approached the problem from the ground up, removing all pre–conceived notions of what a research tool should look and work like. ​
Why not find a new way of building something? Why not use the magic of technology to improve every aspect of the research process?
Could a better tool make a difference in how we access knowledge, and improve outcomes for students and researchers around the world? ​
We decided it could, and we’ve set out to prove it. ​
We built OA.mg for doers and makers. For people who are busy doing other things and need a place to conduct their research and find the papers they need.

The future is Open Access, and we are building the tool for this future. ​

Who are we?

We are the team behind Citationsy, a no-nonsense reference manager.
Our work on OA.mg started in 2022, when we saw that an increasing number of people were using Citationsy to search for papers.
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