DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2022.v06i05.061
OpenAccess: Gold
This work has “Gold” OA status. This means it is published in an Open Access journal that is indexed by the DOAJ.
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MBM-IoT: Intelligent Multi-Baseline Modelling of Heterogeneous Device Behaviors against IoT Botnet

None Nila Roy,None Sunandha Rajagopal,None Bharath Vinod,None Mohammed Ashique,None Jefna Nazar

The Internet
Operating system
Now we are in an era of IoT. Lot of IoT hardware are ruling current market. Since we are connecting through Internet, security is a concern. Attacking to the system is big issue in this market. So lot of researches are going on this. To identify IoT botnet attack we are proposing a new method. First we generate individual behaviour baselines for different types of devices with Single conditional Variational Auto encoder model. Then detect with even minor deviations from baselines.

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