DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2022.v06i05.051
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RFID Implemented Library System

None Pranav S,None Binny S,None Animol Thomas,None Georgy K Joseph,None Harish G Namboothiri

Software engineering
Library science
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Libraries are important aspects of our life. These are important in providing or acquiring essential knowledge about anything around us. Earlier Library system faced a lot of problems related to the user accessing it using conventional methods. The RFID implementation on Library Management system faced a lot of problems. The RFID implementations on library management helps to reduce and sort out such issues that faced by conventional Library system. Using RFID implementation, the database shows the availability of the book in the library so that the student can search in the database and if available, they can collect book from the library. It helps to handle the issue, renewal and return process for books using RFID tags implemented on it. Students will also get notified about their status of due of books also.

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