DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2022.v06i05.031
OpenAccess: Gold
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Study of Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix 212 Microns of Red Mud

None Saidabanu Patel,None S.J. Sanjay,None Shivanand C Yali,None S M Jigajinni

Red mud emerges as the major waste material during production of alumina from bauxite by the Bayer’s process. It comprises of oxides of iron, titanium, aluminium and silica along with some other minor constituents. It is generally agreed that resistance to tensile, hardness of MMC is created by reinforcement and also the mechanical properties are improved remarkable by introducing hard intermetallic compound into the aluminium matrix. The reinforcing materials are generally Sic, Al2O3, TiB2 etc and are costly. Experiments have been conducted under laboratory condition to assess the Tensile, Hardness, mechanical characteristics of the aluminium red mud composite under different working conditions. This has been possible by fabricating the samples through usual stir casting technique. To enhance the tensile, hardness, the samples were also subjected to heat treatment (4000 C). The worn surfaces of the samples were studied under optical microscope to get an idea about the effect of particulate reinforcement on the behaviour of the composite.

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