DOI: 10.46647/ijetms.2022.v06i05.030
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Study of Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix 150 Microns of Red Mud

None Megha .C. Soppihiremath,None R.S. Matti,None Shivanand.C. Yali

Volume fraction
Al6061 is referring to the class of light weight high performance centric material systems. The reinforcement in Al6061 matrix composites could be in the form continuous / discontinuous fibers or particulates in volume fractions. This work focus on the fabrication of Al6061 Alloy matrix composites reinforced with 0%, 12%,14%,16%,18%,20 wt% Red Mud of 150micron using stir casting. Material is melt in furnace at 7500C temperature. After the completion of process pre –heat the casted specimen in the furnace at 3500C temperature for a half-hour to reduce the porosity and also increase the strength. The mechanical properties of fabricated AMCs were analyzed .i.e. tensile strength, hardness and also microstructure study. Thus the tensile strength and hardness have improved with the increase wt% of RM in Al6061 Alloy.

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