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DOI: 10.3390/s22093122
OpenAccess: Gold
This work has “Gold” OA status. This means it is published in an Open Access journal that is indexed by the DOAJ.

A Reasonable Alternative System for Searching UAVs in the Local Area

Marek Češkovič,Pavol Kurdel,Natália Gecejová,Ján Labun,Mária Gamcová,Matúš Lehocký

Search and rescue
UAVs, used for professional purposes, often intervene in unfamiliar terrain and challenging conditions. Unlike recreational UAVs, such professional and specialised UAVs are very expensive to develop and operate, and their value is not negligible. Due to the nature of operations in an unknown or dangerous environment, there are also situations with forced interruption and termination of the flight mission or a collision with the environment. Locating a lost vehicle presents a new challenge for UAV operators. The possibilities of today’s localised commercial aircraft in distress (COSPASS/SARSAT systems) are undesirable for selective special-purpose drones. The optimisation of the location in the event of an emergency or catastrophic landing may be justified by a social or other condition, where the user wants to search for the device by a system other than the one experienced for rescuing people, ideally on their reserved frequencies. The article proposes a new approach to solving the problem based on the design of a terrestrial localisation system based on the methods of processing and correlation of the obtained data by the physical principle of the Doppler effect and its own system adaptation. This creates an innovative concept of a targeting system based on the broadcasting of distress (VHF) signal by crashed UAV. This signal is captured and evaluated by the IDVOR system, making it possible to determine the direction in which the searched UAV is placed. In order to determine the difference between standard targeting systems of the UAV, which use information about position (exact coordinates (x,y,z)), the IDVOR system is able to determine direction, independent of other systems in every “enemy” or “inhospitable” territory.

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