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<math xmlns="" id="M1"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> -<math xmlns="" id="M2"> <mi>δ</mi> </math>-Primary Hyperideals in Krasner Hyperrings

Hao Guan,Elif Kaya,Melis Bolat,Serkan Onar,Bayram Ali Ersoy,Kostaq Hila

Algebra over a field
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Guan, H., Kaya, E., Bolat, M., Onar, S., Ersoy, B. A., & Hila, K. (2022). <math xmlns="" id="M1"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> -<math xmlns="" id="M2"> <mi>δ</mi> </math>-Primary Hyperideals in Krasner Hyperrings. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2022, 1.
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In this paper, we study commutative Krasner hyperrings with nonzero identity. <math xmlns="" id="M3"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> -prime, <math xmlns="" id="M4"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> -primary and <math xmlns="" id="M5"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> - <math xmlns="" id="M6"> <mi>δ</mi> </math> -primary hyperideals are introduced. The concept of <math xmlns="" id="M7"> <mi>δ</mi> </math> -primary hyperideals is extended to <math xmlns="" id="M8"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> - <math xmlns="" id="M9"> <mi>δ</mi> </math> -primary hyperideals. Some characterizations of hyperideals are provided to classify them. The relation between <math xmlns="" id="M10"> <mi>ϕ</mi> </math> - <math xmlns="" id="M11"> <mi>δ</mi> </math> -primary hyperideals and other hyperideals is discussed.