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DOI: 10.1016/0003-2697(90)90598-4
OpenAccess: Green
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Standard methods: For the examination of water and waste water

A.E. Greenberg,Lenore S. Clesceri,Andrew D. Eaton

Environmental science
Waste management
Water resource management
Set your standards with these standard methods. This is it: the most widely read publication in the water industry, your all-inclusive reference tool. This comprehensive reference covers all aspects of USEPA-approved water analysis methods. More than 400 methods - all detailed step-by-step; 8 vibrant, full-color pages of aquatic algae illustrations; Never-before-seen figures that will help users with toxicity testing and the identification of apparatus used in the methods; Over 300 superbly illustrated figures; A new analytical tool for a number of inorganic nonmetals; Improved coverage of data evaluation, sample preservation, and reagant water; And much more!

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