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Polymer is substance composed of macromolecules with repeating structural units

Open Access journals publish papers that are free to the reader to download. OA papers have undergone peer review and are not more or less stringent than papers in closed journals — the main difference is in the business model.

This list of Polymer Open Access journals will hopefully make it easier for you to decide where to publish your Polymer manuscript.
We have thousands of high-impact factor Polymer journals in our list.In many cases, you only see lists of Polymer journals, nonetheless, in our case we have made the list with open access Polymer journals in mind.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Polymer venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Polymer journals in this list are indexed in
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Open Access Polymer Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Current Trends in Polymer Science0972-446XResearch Trends, Ltd.10100
ISRN Polymer Science (Online)2090-8733Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)20100
Journal of Photonic Materials and Technology2469-8423Science Publishing Group10100
Designed Monomers and Polymers1385-772XTaylor & Francis10941087386.2Website
Journal of polymer and biopolymer physics chemistry2373-34114775
Acta Polymerica Sinica1000-3304China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.5572445569.8
Macromol2673-6209MDPI AG366369.4Website
Open journal of polymer chemistry2165-6711Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.9878169.4
Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials2164-5736Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.8961768.5
Journal of Polymers2314-6877Hindawi Limited7778264.9
Express Polymer Letters1788-618XDepartment of Polymer Engineering Budapest University of Technology & Economics), Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineerin15743515960.3Website
E-polymers1618-7229Walter de Gruyter GmbH1893802960.3Website
ACS Polymers Au2694-2453American Chemical Society705855.7Website
Polymers2073-4360MDPI AG1599714694554.3Website
Advances in Polymer Technology0730-6679Hindawi Limited23312379151.3Website
Global journal of computational intelligence research2249-0000Research India Publications2050
American journal of polymer science2163-1344Scientific and Academic Publishing2649150
Dataset Papers in Materials Science (Online)2090-9292Hindawi Limited2250
American journal of materials science and technology2163-12202050
Elastomers and composites2092-9676The Rubber Society of Korea20332948.3
International Journal of Polymer Science1687-9422Hindawi Limited11851451548.3Website
American Journal of Polymer Science and Technology2575-5978Science Publishing Group427247.6
Polymer crystallization2573-7619Wiley23145846.3Website
Organic materials2625-1825Georg Thieme Verlag KG12122345.5Website
Journal of membrane science letters2772-4212Elsevier301643.3Website
Organic Photonics and Photovoltaics2299-3177De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.3715543.2Website
Soft2327-0802Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.148942.9
Polymer Testing0142-9418Elsevier658111352642.9Website
Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology2600-9226Penerbit UTM Press17913741.9
Advanced industrial and engineering polymer research2542-5048Elsevier12999241.1Website
Journal of polymer science and engineering2578-1855EnPress Publisher251140
Jeobchag gwa gye'myeon1229-9243The Society of Adhesion and Interface, Korea1048839.4
Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology0914-9244The Technical Association of Photopolymers, Japan38661693539.1
Plastičeskie massy0554-2901Publishing House Plastic Ltd30010839
전기화학회지1229-1935The Korean Electrochemical Society13038.5
Kobunshi Ronbunshu0386-2186Society of Polymer Science, Japan67581102938.2
Journal of Soft Matter2314-6818Hindawi Limited813537.5
Nanocomposites2055-0332Taylor & Francis140152037.1Website
Functional Composite Materials2522-5774Springer Nature306936.7Website
Gels2310-2861MDPI AG1033547536.5Website
Discover chemical engineering2730-7700Springer Nature111236.4Website
International Journal of Drug Delivery0975-0215Advanced Research Journals328182634.8
Nihon Reoroji Gakkaishi0387-1533Society of Rheology Japan835233733.5
Asian journal of innovative research in science, engineering and technology2455-8826Kiban Research Publications3233.3
Journal of chemical and process engineering2377-1755JScholar98233.3
Annals of pharmacology and pharmaceutics2573-6051Remedy Publications, LLC3033.3
The open process chemistry journal1875-1806Bentham Science6833.3
Advances in Biomaterials2314-7873Hindawi Limited65133.3
International Journal of Applied Chemistry0973-1792Research India Publications6133.3
Molecular Imprinting2084-8803De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.3218431.3
SPE polymers2690-3857Wiley788030.8Website
Academic journal of polymer science2641-8282Juniper Publishers983430.6
International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology2581-9143Rubatosis Publication27729.6
International journal of biobased plastics2475-9651Taylor & Francis1710629.4Website
Journal of Nuclear Chemistry (Print)2314-4955Hindawi Limited75028.6
International Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry1687-9341Hindawi Limited67158728.4
Polimeros-ciencia E Tecnologia0104-1428SciELO29071478125.7Website
Membranes2077-0375MDPI AG28221930825.1Website
Carbohydrate polymer technologies and applications2666-8939Elsevier23143325.1Website
Advanced material science2398-6883Open Access Text4325
Journal of Coatings2314-6508Hindawi Limited2412825
Materials physics and chemistry2661-412XPiscoMed Publishing Pte Ltd4525
Advances in Pharmaceutics2314-775XHindawi Limited2036925
Green tribology2351-521XVytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy41025
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine0957-4530Springer Nature618518431824.4Website
Polimery w medycynie0370-0747Wroclaw Medical University778101124.3Website
Polysaccharides2673-4176MDPI AG8818423.9Website
International Journal Of Pharmaceutics: X2590-1567Elsevier11939323.5Website
IET nanodielectrics2514-3255Institution of Electrical Engineers11170523.4Website
Nanotechnology & applications2639-9466SciVision Publishers LLC301223.3
Non-metallic material science2661-3301Bilingual Publishing Co.30923.3
Journal of Composites2314-5978Hindawi Limited5667023.2
Journal Of Non-crystalline Solids: X2590-1591Elsevier9124923.1Website
Textiles2673-7248MDPI AG525223.1Website
Results in surfaces and interfaces2666-8459Elsevier393623.1Website
Journal of pharmaceutics2090-9918Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)113130623
MOJ polymer science2574-9773MedCrave Group579822.8
American journal of computer science and engineering survey2349-7238Scitechnol Biosoft Pvt. Ltd (OMICS)9522.2
Journal of composites science2504-477XMDPI AG929404022.1Website
Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics0973-8398BRNSS Publication Hub1506380921.6Website
Asian journal of materials science1996-3394Science Alert14721.4
Židkie kristally i ih praktičeskoe ispolʹzovanie1991-3966Liquid Crystals and their Application28223621.3
International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials1947-5411Taylor & Francis276335721Website
JCIS open2666-934XElsevier536220.8Website
Soft nanoscience letters2160-0740Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.101136320.8
Rajshahi University journal of science and engineering2309-0952Bangladesh Journals Online296020.7
Vestnik Tverskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta1995-0152Tver State University171220.5
Journal of encapsulation and adsorption sciences2161-4865Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.11799420.5
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