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A list of Open Access Outbreak journals for you to publish your manuscript in

Outbreak is sudden increase in occurrences of a disease in a particular time and place

Open Access journals publish research articles that are free to to view and download. The main difference between articles in open access journals and those in closed journals is the business model. Both types of articles have to undergo the same peer review process.

We hope this list of Outbreak OA journals will be helpful for you in deciding where to publish your Outbreak manuscript.
Our list includes all the high-impact factor Outbreak journals as well as new journals. This should give you a better idea on where you should publish. Rather than just the top hits Outbreak journals, we have made an exhaustive list of open accesss Outbreak journals. Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Outbreak venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Outbreak journals in this list are indexed in
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Open Access Outbreak Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
International journal of virology and molecular biology2163-2219Scientific and Academic Publishing11100
International journal of nursing science2167-7441Scientific and Academic Publishing138100
Global journal of clinical virology2692-4749Peertechz Publications Private Limited7357.1
Human resource management research2169-9607Scientific and Academic Publishing4950
International journal of clinical and experimental neurology2379-7789Science and Education Publishing Co., Ltd.2050
Cybersecurity Newsletters2738-70974050
Alpha psychiatry2757-8038AVES Publishing Co.2050
The Dentist2688-934XMedtext Publishing Services Pvt Ltd2050
REVUT2708-5562University of Toamasina20150
Информационен бюлетин за киберсигурност2738-70894050
Integrative respiratory medicine2740-4277EDP Sciences4550
Annals of public health reports2642-4924sPage.direcT60545
Trends in geriatric healthcare2689-9019sPage.direcT9044.4
Journal of contemporary studies in epidemiology and public health2634-8543Bastas Publications211542.9
Science documents2573-1882Luqman Publishers38242.1
International journal of coronaviruses2692-1537Open Access Pub24441.7
European journal of medical and educational technologies2732-4109Bastas Publications363741.7
Global biosecurity2652-0036University of New South Wales7722041.6Website
Asian economics letters2652-8681Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association7043240
Africa sanguine1560-8646African Journals Online10640
Infectious Disease Modelling2468-0427Elsevier311475337.3Website
Communicable diseases intelligence2209-6051Australian Government Department of Health21253136.8
International journal of clinical virology2692-4994Heighten Science Publications Corporation332236.4
Journal of immunization2577-137XOpen Access Pub6433.3
International journal of communications and networks2637-6571eSciPub LLC3033.3
International journal of neurological disorders2639-7021SciRes Literature LLC3033.3
International journal of applied psychology2168-502932033.3
Mathews journal of cardiology2572-6420Mathews International Publishers3033.3
Mathews journal of gynecology & obstetrics2572-6501Mathews International Publishers3133.3
Japanese journal of ophthalmology and research2732-4516Medical Press Open Access3033.3
IMF research perspectives2708-3535International Monetary Fund3133.3
Analytical notes2708-8049International Monetary Fund3033.3
The Lancet microbe2666-5247Elsevier519734133.3Website
Wits journal of clinical medicine2618-0189Wits University Press1197232.8
Applied Science and technology annals2717-5014Nepal Journals Online313632.3
Epidemiology international journal2639-2038Medwin Publishers1073231.8
EAI endorsed transactions on bioengineering and bioinformatics2709-4111European Alliance for Innovation n.o.221331.8
Journal of Education and Research in Nursing2757-9204AVES Publishing Co.611631.1Website
HSOA journal of clinical immunology & immunotherapy2378-8844Herald Scholarly Open Access712431
Western Pacific Surveillance and Response2094-7321453269830.5Website
Pakistan journal of surgery and medicine2708-0277Frontier Science Associates592128.8
Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition2691-5014Open Access Pub7528.6
پرستار و پزشک در رزم2645-3932Armenian Green Publishing Co.21028.6
Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases2472-4998OMICS Publishing Group287628.6
JAMA health forum2689-0186American Medical Association746167228Website
The University of Louisville journal of respiratory infections2473-2869University of Louisville1726027.9Website
Journal of critical and intensive care2717-6428Journal of Critical and Intensive Care, Turkish Society of Medical and Surgical Intensive Care581927.6
China CDC weekly2096-7071Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention675287327.1
Epidemiologia2673-3986MDPI AG7610026.3Website
Health technology2616-2717AME Publishing Company23326.1
International journal of travel medicine and global health2322-1100Definitive International Institute of Life Science (DIILI Publication)467226.1Website
Journal of infectious diseases and epidemiology2474-3658ClinMed International Library30821026
One Health2352-7714Elsevier421446825.7Website
Biosafety and health2590-0536Elsevier167103625.1Website
Neuroscience international2524-2237Science Publications8325
Journal of current viruses and treatment methodologies2691-8862Open Access Pub12725
International journal of general practice2692-5257Open Access Pub8125
International review of philanthropy and social investment2708-3314Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (WBS)16025
Universal journal of microbiology research2331-673XHorizon Research Publishing Co., Ltd.4225
Asian journal of research in pharmaceutical science and biotechnology2349-7114Uptodate Research Publication4125
Open journal of proteomics and genomics2692-4641Peertechz Publications Private Limited4025
The Open toxicology journal1874-3404Bentham Science4025
International journal of clinical cardiology & research2639-3786SciRes Literature LLC4025
Population medicine2654-1459EU European Publishing1066124.5Website
Bangladesh journal of infectious diseases2411-4820Bangladesh Journals Online1489224.3
Journal of emerging diseases and virology2473-1846Sci Forschen, Inc.664424.2
Archives of preventive medicine2640-7868Peertechz Publications Private Limited331024.2
Public health in practice2666-5352Elsevier29563324.1Website
Infectious microbes & diseases2641-5917Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer) - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins9013923.3Website
Global journal of infectious diseases and clinical research2455-5363Peertechz Publications Private Limited564123.2
Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association2054-930XJournal of the European Mosquito Control Association13723.1Website
World journal of virology2220-3249Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Virology)169262223.1
Emerging Infectious Diseases1080-60401379557916522.8Website
Revista médica de Trujillo1028-7272Universidad Nacional de Trujillo1331822.6
Archive of gerontology and geriatrics research2690-0807Peertechz Publications Private Limited18722.2
Analysis and Metaphysics1584-8574Addleton Academic Publishers5415122.2
Canada communicable disease report1188-4169Infectious Disease and Control Branc (IDPCB) - Public Health Agency of Canada589330422.1
Инфекционные болезни. Новости, мнения, обучение2305-3496Geotar-Media Publishing Group1464721.9
Journal of public health and emergency2520-0054AME Publishing Company29829821.8
Emerging microbes & infections2222-1751Taylor & Francis15183768721.8Website
Findings2652-8800Network Design Lab - Transport Findings15322621.6Website
Journal of clinical virology plus2667-0380Elsevier884721.6Website
Insights in clinical and cellular immunology2640-2793Heighten Science Publications Corporation19721.1
Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research2449-1810Pearl Mega Publishing Company19421.1
Infection prevention in practice2590-0889Elsevier20952321.1Website
The Lancet regional health2666-7762Elsevier443297321Website
Eurosurveillance1025-496XEuropean Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC)858914104420.6
Kačestvennaâ kliničeskaâ praktika2588-0519Publishing House OKI973120.6Website
Horizon Journal of HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH2682-9096B.P. Publishing1174020.5
Hosts and viruses2515-4982ResearchersLinks Ltd493120.4
Journal of biosafety and biosecurity2588-9338Elsevier10328520.4Website
Neuropsychiatria i Neuropsychologia1896-6764Termedia Sp. z.o.o.54620.4
Infection ecology & epidemiology2000-8686Taylor & Francis257368420.2Website
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report0149-2195Centers for Disease Control MMWR Office436020430320.1Website
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Access (OA)?
Open Access is the free online access of research articles coupled with the rights to use and distribute these articles fully in the digital environment.
What does “relevance” mean in the table?
Relevance is used to quantify the level of association between a journal and the concept it is listed under, from 0-100. For example, “Brain Stimulation” has a relevance of “24” when listed under “Open Access Computer Science Journals” because it is somewhat related to the field of Computer Science.
How do you count total number of citations?
The citations show how often works from this journal are referenced in other research papers. This data is obtained from OpenAlex. Even though the accuracy is debatable, it could help you determine how prestigious a journal is on the whole.
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That's exactly why we made these lists, so you can find a journal that will publish your paper. We at don't offer publishing services.
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Article Processing Charges (APCs) are charged to authors of scholarly articles during the publication process. APCs are used by open access journals.
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Different open access types are commonly described using a colour system. The most commonly recognised names are “green”, “gold”, and “hybrid” open access; however, “bronze”, “black”, and “diamond” also exist.