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Optometry is field of health care which involves examining the eyes for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease

A journal article is 'open access' when there are no financial, legal or technical barriers to accessing it - that is to say when anyone can read, download, distribute, print, and search it.

This list of Optometry OA journals will hopefully make it easier for you to have a better idea regarding where your want to publish your Optometry manuscript.
We made this list which includes all the high-impact factor Optometry journals that might be relevant to your field of study.We've made this extensive list of open access Optometry journals so you can get a better overview of all the journals where you can publish open access.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Optometry venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Optometry journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Optometry OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Optometry Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Ophthalmology & eye care2639-9296Annex Publishers, LLC10100
African Vision and Eye Health2410-151652177869.7Website
Japanese journal of ophthalmology and research2732-4516Medical Press Open Access3066.7
Journal of Optometry1989-1342Elsevier555468066.5Website
Optometry reports2039-4721PAGEPress Publications172464.7
Current advances in ophthalmology2638-9940Northern California Open Access Publications8362.5
Japanese orthoptic journal0387-5172Japan Society of Engineering Geology135916661
Scandinavian journal of optometry and visual science1891-0882Norwegian Association of Optometry788760.3
Clinical optometry1179-2752Dove Medical Press21675057.9Website
Advances in Ophthalmology & Visual System2377-4290MedCrave Group42711457.6
US ophthalmic review1756-1752Touch Medical Media LTD.28633755.2
Journal of eye diseases and disorders2684-1622Longdom Group181050
ISRN Machine Vision (Print)2090-7796Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)2050
ISRN Ophthalmology (Print)2090-5688Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)2050
Computer science and engineering2163-1484Scientific and Academic Publishing2150
Clinical and experimental vision and eye research2581-656XIncessant Nature Science Publishers Pvt Ltd581546.6
World journal of ophthalmology2218-6239Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Opthalmology)547746.3
The British and Irish orthoptic journal1743-9868White Rose University Press25337345.8
Interprofessional optometry2381-3822Pacific University Library11145.5
Journal of ophthalmic science2470-0436Open Access Pub291744.8
Eye care and vision2515-1002Open Access Text18344.4
Eye South East Asia2586-8349Thammasat Eye Center79144.3
Ophthalmology Journal2450-7873VM Media Sp zo.o. - VMGroup SK57442.1Website
Ophthalmology research2639-9482SciVision Publishers LLC24141.7
The Red Parrot0795-0039African Journals Online706641.4
International journal of open access ophthalmology2474-9249Symbiosis Group37740.5
Asia-Pacific journal of ophthalmology2162-098939965739.3Website
Rossijskaâ pediatričeskaâ oftalʹmologiâ1993-1859ECO-Vector1326238.6
Klinika oczna0023-2157Termedia Sp. z.o.o.7077314838.3
Open access journal of ophthalmology2578-465XMedwin Publishers118638.1
Open journal of ophthalmology2165-7408Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.59337.3
International journal of clinical and experimental ophthalmology2577-140XHeighten Science Publications Corporation25036
Bali journal of ophthalmology2581-1258DiscoverSys, Inc.25136
Journal of the Korean glaucoma society2466-2305The Korean Glaucoma Society67235.8
Current trends in ophthalmology2637-6938Gratis Open Access Publishers LLC31635.5
European Ophthalmic Review1756-1795Touch Medical Media LTD.37653235.4
International journal of ophthalmology & eye science2332-290XSciDoc Publishers LLC1287035.2
Ophtha Therapy2353-7175Medical Education2402734.6
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology0301-4738Medknow Publications110014779534.5Website
Journal of contact lens research & science2561-3103Dougmar Publishing Group, Inc.215633.3
Journal of eye and ophthalmology2055-2408Herbert Publications91033.3
Novoe v oftalʹmologii2221-9528Publishing House Ophthalmology3033.3
Medical & Surgical Ophthalmology Research2578-0360Crimson Publishers92332.6
Kliničeskaâ oftalʹmologiâ2311-7729LLC Russian Medical Journal951532.6Website
Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology0972-0200EMED Publishing2631332.3
The Ophthalmology open journal2475-1278Openventio Publishers28732.1
Journal of retina2508-1926The Korean Retina Society1251532
Journal of current glaucoma practice0974-0333Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishing348126131.9
World journal of ophthalmology & vision research2641-6360Iris Publishers LLC83631.3
International journal of ophthalmology & visual science2637-384XScience Publishing Group771931.2
Clinical Ophthalmology1177-546763894819331.2Website
Tanzania Dental Journal0856-0625African Journals Online1648931.1
The Open Ophthalmology Journal1874-3641Bentham Science411357731.1
JOJ ophthalmology2473-5477Juniper Publishers2335930.9
Journal of dry eye and ocular surface disease2561-9195Dougmar Publishing Group, Inc.26630.8
Beyoğlu eye journal2459-1777Kare Publishing2362130.5Website
Trends in ophthalmology2644-1209Lupine Publishers LLC66430.3
Journal of sports and performance vision2563-3236Dougmar Publishing Group, Inc.101030
Madridge journal of ophthalmology2638-2040Madridge Publishers, LLC17529.4
New frontiers in ophthalmology2397-2092Open Access Text1507929.3
HSOA journal of ophthalmology & clinical research2378-8887Herald Scholarly Open Access1171829.1
Kerala journal of ophthalmology0976-6677Medknow Publications37515428.8Website
Journal of clinical ophthalmology and research2320-3897Medknow Publications101828.7Website
Journal of The Korean Ophthalmological Society0378-6471Korean Opthalmological Society7574991428.7
Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology1027-8230Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Press23813828.2
Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology2395-1443IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd85115627.8
International journal of ophthalmic research2409-5680ACT Publishing Group654627.7
Eye and vision2326-0254Springer Nature297411627.3Website
journal of current ophthalmology2452-2325Medknow Publications482249327.2Website
Journal of ophthalmic and vision research2008-322X1160611727.2Website
Journal of ophthalmology & clinical research2573-9573Opast Group LLC93226.9
Pakistan journal of ophthalmology0886-3067Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan2991426.4Website
Journal of ophthalmic research and ocular care2578-7160sPage.direcT23226.1
BMJ open ophthalmology2397-3269BMJ375183325.9Website
Oman Journal of Ophthalmology0974-620XMedknow Publications804317825.4Website
Journal of ophthalmic studies2639-152XSci Forschen, Inc.12325
Advanced material science2398-6883Open Access Text4325
The Open clinical biochemistry journal2588-7785Bentham Science4325
Ophthalmology and therapy2193-8245Springer Nature542359424.5Website
Translational Vision Science & Technology2164-2591Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)18751248424.4Website
Therapeutic advances in ophthalmology2515-8414SAGE23163223.4Website
Nepalese Journal of Ophthalmology2072-6805Nepal Journals Online602167123.3Website
Austin journal of clinical ophthalmology2381-9162Austin Publishing Group13123.1
Canadian journal of optometry0045-5075University of Waterloo3415122.9
International journal of ophthalmology and clinical research2378-346XClinMed International Library1688122.6
Российский офтальмологический журнал2072-0076Real Time, Ltd.42229422.5Website
Journal of Ophthalmology and Related Sciences2090-904727322.2
International Journal of Ophthalmology2222-3959Press of International Journal of Ophthalmology (IJO Press)33551367022.2Website
TNOA journal of ophthalmic science and research2589-4528Medknow Publications5337522Website
Digital journal of ophthalmology1542-8958Digital Journal of Opthamology21045421.9
Revista Brasileira De Oftalmologia0034-7280GN1 Genesis Network1960157021.9Website
JCRS Online Case Reports2214-1677Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer) - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins21115521.8
Sriwijaya Journal of Ophthalmology2722-9807Scientia Psychiatrica,Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kedokteran Jiwa Indonesia Region Sumatera Selatan66021.2
The Pan-American journal of ophthalmology2666-4909Medknow Publications95321.1Website
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science0146-0404Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)140534106709621Website
Ophthalmology and eye diseases1179-1721SAGE7276620.8Website
IP international journal of ocular oncology and oculoplasty2581-5024IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd2661820.7
Journal of academic ophthalmology2475-4757Georg Thieme Verlag KG18317220.2Website
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