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Operating system is software that manages computer hardware resources

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Open Access Operating system Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Automatic control and information sciences2375-1630347100
International journal of agile and extreme software development1743-5137Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.646100
International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing1687-7195Hindawi Limited270206593.3Website
Journal of Cloud Computing2192-113XSpringer Nature341448192.7Website
Journal of Computer Systems, Networks, and Communications1687-7381Hindawi Limited1816888.9Website
Advances in Software Engineering1687-8655Hindawi Limited9795788.7
Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development2195-1721Sociedade Brasileira de Computacao - SB9951587.9Website
Sleep spindles & cortical up states2559-9070Akademiai Kiado Zrt.88487.5
The Open Virtual Reality Journal1875-323XBentham Science86787.5
Software engineering2162-8408153586.7
Satellite Navigation2662-1363Springer Nature7569286.7Website
ISRN Sensor Networks2090-7745Hindawi Limited4137885.4
Advances in networks2326-9766Science Publishing Group343285.3
Wireless Sensor Network1945-3078Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.410413484.9
International journal of computer networks and applications2395-0455EverScience Publications15012884.7
Network2673-8732MDPI AG452484.4Website
Palgrave studies in digital business & enabling technologies2662-1282323484.4
Journal of Internet Services and Applications1867-4828Springer Nature241709883.8Website
International journal of cloud computing2326-7542Services Society977383.5
IACR transaction on symmetric cryptology2519-173XUniversitatsbibliothek der Ruhr-Universitat Bochum27075783Website
ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization1544-3566Association for Computing Machinery9521098783
Discover Internet of things2730-7239Springer Nature2312182.6Website
Asian journal of behavioural studies2398-4295e-IPH Ltd.19717981.7
Cryptography2410-387XMDPI AG20883581.3Website
International Journal of Information and Network Security2089-329912643781
Iot2624-831XMDPI AG8722880.5Website
EAI endorsed transactions on cloud systems2410-6895European Alliance for Innovation n.o.805280Website
Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks2224-2708MDPI AG411434579.6Website
Journal of open research software2049-9647Ubiquity Press, Ltd.271458579Website
IET wireless sensor systems2043-6386Institution of Electrical Engineers436393878.9Website
Journal of cyber security and mobility2245-1439River Publishers27686078.6
International Journal of Virtual Realit1081-1451Universite de Bordeaux426278.6Website
Frontiers in virtual reality2673-4192Frontiers Media SA31146078.5Website
IET Software1751-8806Wiley698593077.4Website
e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal1897-7979De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.11446677.2Website
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks1550-1329SAGE42033285177.1Website
IACR transactions on cryptographic hardware and embedded systems2569-2925268104876.9Website
Journal of Computer Networks and Communications2090-7141Hindawi Limited400344476.8Website
Journal of Applied Computing Research2236-8434Universidade do Vale do Rio Dos Sinos - UNISINOS439676.7
Advances in internet of things2161-6817Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.9592075.8
International journal of smart sensors and ad hoc networks2248-9738Interscience Research Network14923275.2
Telecom2673-4001MDPI AG768975Website
Journal of wireless communications2377-3308Lazarus Scientific Publishing841675
International journal of networks and communications2168-4944Scientific and Academic Publishing288975
Zambia ICT journal2616-2156ICT Association of Zambia443875
Advanced space law2663-3655International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology1073374.8Website
American journal of networks and communications2326-893XScience Publishing Group11020674.5
International journal of information technology, communications and convergence2042-3217Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.8243273.2
International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications2205-0930International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications265073.1
Eurasip Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking1687-1472Springer Nature41354607272.6Website
Journal of communications software and systems1845-6421Croatian Communications and Information Society435114372.6Website
Communications and Network1947-3826Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.474163172.4
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience1895-1767Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience863297772.3
Wireless power transfer2052-8418Hindawi Limited182172.2
International Journal of Navigation and Observation1687-5990Hindawi Limited122184672.1
Security and Communication Networks1939-0122Hindawi Limited44382303971.9Website
Iet Information Security1751-8709Institution of Electrical Engineers745650371.7Website
VFAST transactions on software engineering2309-3978VFAST466971.7
IET networks2047-4954Institution of Electrical Engineers440292971.6Website
International journal of big data2326-4411Services Society356971.4
International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications0974-9322Academy and Industry Research Collaboration Center849275171.4
Journal of open hardware2514-1708Ubiquity Press, Ltd.3114371Website
Universal journal of communications and network2331-6756Horizon Research Publishing Co., Ltd.5815170.7
Essays in Philosophy1526-0569Philosophy Documentation Center877103770.5
High-Confidence computing2667-2952Elsevier373770.3Website
Future Internet1999-5903MDPI AG15891366970.2Website
정보처리학회논문지. 컴퓨터 및 통신 시스템2287-5891Korea Information Processing Society29814270.1
Cybersecurity2523-3246Springer Nature234120670.1Website
American journal of embedded systems and applications2376-6069Science Publishing Group403770
International journal of internet and distributed system2327-7165Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.108170
Internet of things and cloud computing2376-7715Science Publishing Group737169.9
Journal of cybersecurity and privacy2624-800XMDPI AG636669.8Website
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems2721-3056Jurnal Komuniksi ISKI333069.7
International journal of wireless communications and mobile computing2330-1007Science Publishing Group7510069.3
Digital Communications and Networks2352-8648Elsevier498505468.7Website
Journal of Information Technology in Construction1874-4753International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction676956768.5Website
Journal of computer science and technology1666-6038Universidad Nacional de La Plata384768.4Website
International journal of RFID security and cryptography2046-3715Infonomics Society259268
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing1530-8669Hindawi Limited69163893867.8Website
International Journal of Online Engineering1861-2121International Association of Online Engineering300121267.3
EURASIP journal on information security2510-523XSpringer Nature2710366.7Website
Journal of sleep and sleep disorders research2574-4518Open Access Pub152466.7
International journal of soft computing and networking2052-8450Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.61666.7
Frontiers in communications and networks2673-530XFrontiers Media SA9512566.3Website
Network and communication technologies1927-064XCanadian Center of Science and Education6827766.2
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences1913-3715Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.834367866.2
International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting1687-7578Hindawi Limited230167666.1Website
International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering2320-9798Ess and Ess Research Publications2937251166
Iet Computers and Digital Techniques1751-8601Institution of Electrical Engineers725439565.9Website
Digital threats2576-5337Association for Computing Machinery11614465.5
International Journal of Ad Hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous Computing0976-176419098765.3
E-health telecommunication systems and networks2167-9517Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.6325565.1
Journal of Information Security and Cybercrimes Research1658-7790Naif Arab University for Security Sciences438065.1Website
International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security2074-9090MECS Publisher1168508865.1
Mobile Information Systems1574-017XHindawi Limited2654774064.9Website
Journal of wireless networking and communications2167-7328Scientific and Academic Publishing3112264.5
ICST Transactions on Mobile Communications and Applications2032-9504European Alliance for Innovation n.o.9313964.5Website
Sleep Medicine: X2590-1427Elsevier4512464.4Website
International journal of networking and computing2185-2839IJNC Editorial Committee28263464.2
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