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Open Access Neuroscience Journals

A list of Open Access Neuroscience journals for you to publish your manuscript in

Neuroscience is scientific study of the central nervous system

Open Access journals publish research articles that are free to to view and download. The main difference between articles in open access journals and those in closed journals is the business model. Both types of articles have to undergo the same peer review process.

We hope this list of Neuroscience OA journals will be helpful for you in deciding where to publish your Neuroscience manuscript.
Our list includes all the high-impact factor Neuroscience journals as well as new journals. This should give you a better idea on where you should publish. Rather than just the top hits Neuroscience journals, we have made an exhaustive list of open accesss Neuroscience journals. Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Neuroscience venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Neuroscience journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Neuroscience OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Neuroscience Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Chronic pain & management2576-957XGavin Publishers11100
International journal of biology education2147-4990International Journal of Biology Education11100
Ophthalmology & eye care2639-9296Annex Publishers, LLC10100
Cheongneung jaehwal1738-9399Korean Academy of Audiology10100
ISRN Neuroscience2314-4661Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)20100
Pain and relief reports2057-3219Herbert Publications12100
Advances in public health, community and tropical medicine2691-8803Kosmos Publishers11100
Archbold news0961-4249Sheffield Hallam University11100
Neuroscience journal2314-4262Hindawi Limited20100
ISRN Addiction2314-4734Hindawi Limited20100
Journal of neural transplantation1352-237XHindawi Limited10100
ISRN Neurology (Print)2090-5505Hindawi (International Scholarly Research Network)39100
The Open women's health journal1874-2912Bentham Science10100
International journal of brain and cognitive sciences2163-1840Scientific and Academic Publishing23100
Molecular & Cellular Epilepsy2330-3891Smart Science and Technology, LLC385297.4
Frontiers in Neural Circuits1662-5110Frontiers Media SA14373368997.1Website
Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience1663-3563Frontiers Media SA449874596.4Website
Learning & Memory1072-0502Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory201611783496.2Website
Cerebral cortex communications2632-7376Oxford University Press19339594.8Website
Epilepsy Research and Treatment2090-1348Hindawi Limited112214294.6
Cerebellum & ataxias2053-8871Springer Nature138158494.2Website
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy1662-5129Frontiers Media SA13853252193.9Website
Journal of epilepsy research2233-6249Korean Epilepsy Society206124492.7
Neural Plasticity1687-5443Hindawi Limited21794222692.6Website
Neural Development1749-8104Springer Nature4131429092.5Website
Neuroscience of Consciousness2057-2107176170592Website
Human Brain Mapping1065-9471Wiley636035430791.6Website
Schizophrenia Research: Cognition2215-0013Elsevier257221591.4Website
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience1749-5016Oxford University Press20178225991.2Website
Current research in neurobiology2665-945XElsevier423190.5Website
Neuronal signaling2059-6553Portland Press9556190.5Website
International Journal of Bipolar Disorders2194-7511Springer Nature294398790.5Website
Acta epileptologica2524-4434Springer Nature909590Website
Fluids and Barriers of the CNS2045-8118Springer Nature6041187789.6Website
Neurogenesis2326-2133Taylor & Francis10584589.5
Journal of Modern Rehabilitation2538-385XNegah Scientific Publisher56527589.4Website
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience1662-5102Frontiers Media SA530210160689Website
Advances in Neuroscience (Hindawi)2314-789XHindawi Limited1842588.9
Neurobiology of Pain2452-073XElsevier9668288.5Website
Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience1662-5137Frontiers Media SA22385048488.3Website
Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience1662-5145Frontiers Media SA10432550187.8Website
Sleep spindles & cortical up states2559-9070Akademiai Kiado Zrt.88487.5
Epilepsia and paroxyzmal conditions2077-8333IRBIS42511887.1Website
ENeuro2373-2822Society for Neuroscience24402573186.9Website
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience1662-5161Frontiers Media SA1139719094186.4Website
Molecular Pain1744-8069SAGE13904305486.1Website
Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms2451-9944Elsevier7887185.9Website
Molecular Brain1756-6606Springer Nature12112831485.9Website
Translational brain rhythmicity2397-8686Open Access Text215885.7
BMC Neuroscience1471-2202Springer Nature48057465985.6Website
Brain plasticity2213-6304IOS Press111175585.6
Basic and clinical neuroscience2008-126XNegah Scientific Publisher806268885.1
Brain Stimulation1876-4754Elsevier56506419885Website
Translational neurodegeneration2047-9158Springer Nature364964084.9Website
Neuroscience and neuroeconomics2230-3561Dove Medical Press3341484.8
Comparative cognition & behavior reviews1911-4745Comparative Cognition Society391784.6Website
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience1179-0695SAGE201209284.6Website
NeuroImage: Clinical2213-1582Elsevier31556560984.4Website
Neurobiology of language2641-4368MIT Press7623584.2Website
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience1878-9293Elsevier11443135484.2Website
Experimental Neurobiology1226-2560The Korean Society for Brain and Neural Science8832484.1
Epilepsy & behavior reports2589-9864Elsevier23532383.8Website
Brain and neuroscience advances2398-2128SAGE148143883.8Website
AIMS neuroscience2373-8006206102683.5
Journal of spine and neuroscience2694-1201Open Access Pub6483.3
Journal of current glaucoma practice0974-0333Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishing348126183.3
에필리아2672-0442Korean Clinical Epilepsy Research Society47883
Epilepsy & Seizure1882-5567The Japan Epilepsy Society995882.8
American journal of neuroscience1948-9900Science Publications4613082.6
ChronoPhysiology and Therapy2230-2026Dove Medical Press5732782.5
Neural Regeneration Research1673-5374Medknow Publications48663574382Website
Asn Neuro1759-0914SAGE3971015781.9Website
Neurobiology of Stress2352-2895Elsevier466874381.8Website
Behavioral and Brain Functions1744-9081Springer Nature6722441081.5Website
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience1662-5099Frontiers Media SA29605540381.4Website
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience1662-5153Frontiers Media SA43686787081.3Website
Clinical Neurophysiology Practice2467-981XElsevier252157181.3Website
Network neuroscience2472-1751MIT Press269368981Website
Cerebrospinal Fluid Research1743-8454Springer Nature500495281Website
Journal of Headache and Pain1129-2369Springer Nature31884264380.8Website
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience1663-4365Frontiers Media SA48867764280.7Website
Behavioural Neurology0953-4180Hindawi Limited17632238680.3Website
Journal of Circadian Rhythms1740-3391Ubiquity Press, Ltd.173403080.3Website
Frontiers in neuroergonomics2673-6195Frontiers Media SA708780Website
Human behaviour and brain2706-8714International Society of Neuroscience Publishing Company Limited101580
Sleep science and practice2398-2683Springer Nature7426279.7Website
Clocks & sleep2624-5175MDPI AG15258979.6Website
Insights Into Imaging1869-4101Springer Nature13791965179.3Website
Frontiers in Neuroenergetics1662-6427Frontiers Media SA72332879.2
Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders1866-1947Springer Nature5611463579Website
Therapeutic Targets for Neurological Diseases2376-0478Smart Science and Technology, LLC4717078.7
اعتیاد پژوهی2008-4307Armenian Green Publishing Co.98478.6Website
Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology2395-1443IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd85115678.6
Journal of Epileptology2300-0147Exeley, Inc.10210878.4Website
Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience1663-070XFrontiers Media SA37154978.4
IBRO neuroscience reports2667-2421Elsevier1156078.3Website
Neurobiology of Disease0969-9961Elsevier571326317478.3Website
Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation1743-0003Springer Nature17736404878.3Website
Frontiers in Neuroscience1662-453XFrontiers Media SA1322317492678.3Website
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