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Library science is the application of practices, methods, technologies, tools of management, education, training, perspectives, and related areas, to the organized collection and the systematic classification of information in libraries

Open Access journals publish papers that are free to the reader to download. OA papers have undergone peer review and are not more or less stringent than papers in closed journals — the main difference is in the business model.

Hopefully this list of Library science Open Access journals will make it easier for you to decide where to publish your Library science manuscript.
We have thousands of high-impact factor Library science journals in our list.Instead of displaying the most commonly known Library science journals, we have made an exhaustive list of open accesss Library science journals. Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Library science venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Library science journals in this list are indexed in
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Open Access Library science Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Journal of Information Literacy1750-5968471187879.8Website
Issues in science and technology librarianship1092-1206University of Alberta Libraries41475.6
Communications in Information Literacy1933-5954Portland State University Library320183874.1Website
The Eastern librarian1021-364372571.4
Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences1735-1448Maad Rayan Publishing Company1264137970.9
SLIS Connecting2330-2917University of Southern Mississippi1962170.4Website
Journal of The Medical Library Association1536-5050University Library System, University of Pittsburgh20932358570.1Website
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice1715-720XEBLIP Journal1373326766.3Website
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication2162-3309Pacific University Library26898766Website
Bangladesh journal of library & information science2223-6368Bangladesh Journals Online114863.6
The journal of altmetrics2577-5685Levy Library Press2211763.6Website
College & Research Libraries0010-0870American Library Association76663352562Website
South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science0256-8861Stellenbosch University - South African Journal of Library and Information Science572235661.4Website
South Australian Geographical Journal1030-0481Exeley, Inc.11713060.7Website
International journal of advanced library and information science2348-5167Cloud Publications373659.5
Information technology and libraries0730-9295Boston College University Libraries19710358.9Website
The Southeastern Librarian0038-3686Kennesaw State University, Horace W. Sturgis Library43630158.3
IASL conference proceedings2562-8372University of Alberta Libraries91225258.2
Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education1890-5900University of Bergen Library21120157.8Website
Наука и научная информация2658-3143NPG Publishing624856.5Website
IP Indian Journal of Library Science and Information Technology2456-9623IP Innovative Publication Pvt Ltd921955.4
International Journal of Library and Information Science2141-2537Academic Journals10117055.4
Nordic perspectives on open science2464-1839UiT The Arctic University of Norway20855
Kansas Library Association College & University Libraries Section proceedings2160-942XNew Prairie Press7814553.8
Journal of eScience Librarianship2161-3974University of Massachusetts Medical School18664353.8Website
Record and Library Journal2442-5168Universitas Airlangga2034353.2Website
Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice2324-7878University Library System, University of Pittsburgh17412952.9Website
Труды ГПНТБ СО РАН2618-7515State Public Scientific Technological Library SB RAS1674952.7
Enciklopedičnij vìsnik Ukraïni2706-9990NASU Institute of Encyclopedic Research1007252Website
Scholarly assessment reports2689-5870Levy Library Press257552Website
Berkala Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi1693-7740Universitas Gadjah Mada2354951.9Website
International journal of research in library science2455-104XInternational Journal of Research in Library Science2281651.8
International journal for educational integrity1833-2595Springer Nature6010751.7Website
Summary of proceedings0066-0868American Theological Library Association1521251.3
Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research1911-9593650121451.1Website
Journal of Korean Society of Archives and Records Management1598-1487Korean Society of Archives and Records Managmenet54618450.9
Journal of library and information sciences2374-2364American Research Institute for Policy Development772350.6
Library and Information Research1756-1086University of Alberta Libraries551146550.6Website
Didaktika biologi2579-7352Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang2450
International journal of clinical microbiology2690-4721Open Access Pub2250
Journal of neural transplantation & plasticity0792-8483Hindawi Limited2250
Knygotyra0204-2061Vilnius University74014748.4Website
International journal of librarianship2474-3542International Journal of Librarianship1336548.1Website
Tik Ilmeu2580-3654STAIN Curup791048.1Website
DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology0974-0643Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre1443424748
RBM1529-6407American Library Association38757447.8Website
Quantitative science studies2641-3337MIT Press208132647.6Website
International Journal of Library Science2168-4901Scientific and Academic Publishing31325047
Information Impact: Journal of Information and Knowledge Management2360-994XAfrican Journals Online26013546.5Website
Scholarly and Research Communication1923-0702CISP Journal Services23542345.5
Revista română de biblioteconomie şi ştiinţa informării1841-1940Asociatia Bibliotecarilor din Romania /ABR, Romanian Library Association641245.3Website
Galle Medical Journal (Galle)1391-7072Sri Lanka Journals Online71545.1
Diplomatika2597-9981Universitas Gadjah Mada461043.5
Insights: The UKSG Journal2048-7754UKSG500110543.2Website
Archives of Clinical Microbiology1989-8436OMICS Publishing Group44748142.7
Science Editing2288-7474Korean Council of Science Editors29268141.1Website
College & Research Libraries News0099-0086American Library Association8747825140.7Website
International Journal of Digital Curation1746-8256Edinburgh University Library513447640.7Website
Information research1368-1613University of Boras, Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT641140.6Website
Bìblìotečnij vìsnik1029-7200National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Co. LTD Ukrinformnauka)1513140.4Website
Urban Library Journal1944-9674The City University of New York12919240.3
European Science Editing0258-3127Pensoft Publishers10513440Website
International journal of applied sociology2169-9704Scientific and Academic Publishing52240
International journal of library and information services2475-9961IGI Global903540
Smithsonian contributions to museum conservation1949-2359Smithsonian Institution103640
School of Information student research journal2575-2499San Jose State University Library1169639.7Website
Journal of Data and Information Science2096-157XJournal of Data and Information Science371118939.6Website
Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics2504-0537Frontiers Media SA23583439.6Website
LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal1058-6768Research (NTU)19373838.9Website
Engineer1800-1122Sri Lanka Journals Online981138.8
Proceedings of the annual conference of CAIS2562-7589University of Alberta Libraries1079104438.5
Collaborative Librarianship1943-7528Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC)41162438.4
Journal of Case Reports and Studies2348-9820Annex Publishers, LLC2106738.1
Publications2304-6775MDPI AG392192938Website
International Journal of Knowledge Content Development and Technology2234-0068Research Institute for Knowledge Content Development & Technology15933437.7Website
KULA2398-4112University of Victoria Libraries802837.5Website
Jurnal kajian informasi dan perpustakaan2303-2677Universitas Padjadjaran1743637.4
027.7 : Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur2296-0597University of Basel714036.6Website
Classroom Action Research Journal (CARJO)2598-4195State University of Malang (UM)11636.4
Rukopisna ta knižkova spadŝina Ukraïni2222-4203National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Co. LTD Ukrinformnauka)2653936.2Website
Khizanah Al-Hikmah : Jurnal Ilmu Perpustakaan, Informasi dan Kearsipan2354-9629Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar1563635.9Website
Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries1841-0715European Association for Health Information and Libraries EAHIL1033435.9Website
Canadian journal of academic librarianship2369-937XUniversity of Toronto Libraries - UOTL1156335.7Website
Archivos de medicina1657-320XUniversidad de Manizales32217735.1Website
Prace Komisji Historii Nauki1731-6715Uniwersytet Jagiellonski – Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego205135Website
Pustaka Karya : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi2089-5216IAIN Antasari20335
Quality in primary care1479-10641001389035
Virginia Libraries1086-9751Virginia Tech Libraries43316534.9Website
Pustakaloka: Jurnal Kajian Informasi dan Perpustakaan2085-2118STAIN Ponorogo891534.8
Archives of Medicine1989-5216Scitechnol Biosoft Pvt. Ltd (OMICS)50927334.6
Medical journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran1016-1430Academic World Research57123434.5Website
Journal of Information Science Theory and Practice2287-4577KISTI19244634.4Website
Proceedings from North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization2311-4487University of Washington Libraries10318934
Vìsnik Odesʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu2304-1447Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University77433.8Website
The British student doctor journal2514-3174Cardiff University Press1522033.6
World transactions on engineering and technology education1446-2257Universitas Negeri Makassar35533.3
American journal of engineering research2320-0847IOSR Journals3533.3
International journal of scientific research in computer science and engineering2320-7639ISROSET: International Scientific Research Organization for Science, Engineering and Technology3633.3
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