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A list of Open Access Law journals for you to publish your manuscript in

Law is system of rules and guidelines, generally backed by governmental authority

Open Access journals publish papers that are free to the reader to download. OA papers have undergone peer review and are not more or less stringent than papers in closed journals — the main difference is in the business model.

This list of Law Open Access journals will hopefully make it easier for you to decide where to publish your Law manuscript.
We have thousands of high-impact factor Law journals in our list.In many cases, you only see lists of Law journals, nonetheless, in our case we have made the list with open access Law journals in mind.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Law venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Law journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Law OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Law Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Aboriginal History0314-8769ANU Press1219243897.6
Health Research Policy and Systems1478-4505Springer Nature12782337797.6Website
Deakin Law Review1321-3660Deakin University333100297.3Website
Utrecht law review1871-515XUtrecht University School of Law475228297.1Website
African Human Rights Law Journal1609-073XAcademy of Science of South Africa586171096.4Website
Human Resources for Health1478-4491Springer Nature12353213196.4Website
Law in context0811-579634880196.3
Social media and society2056-3051SAGE10911152896Website
NACADA Journal0271-9517National Academic Advising Association NACADA781675395.9
QUT Law Review2201-7275Queensland University of Technology62580295.8Website
International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility2366-0074Springer Nature69101895.7Website
Laws2075-471XMDPI AG442174495.7Website
International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training2197-8646Uni Bremen Campus GmbH15060095.3Website
Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work1178-5527University of Otago Library659125695
South African journal of higher education1011-3487African Journals Online24861136895Website
Pacific Journalism Review1023-9499Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Library1242180295Website
Ethics & Global Politics1654-6369Taylor & Francis239210195Website
Journal of Politics in Latin America1866-802XSAGE225254994.2Website
University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform0363-602XUniversity of Michigan Journal of Law Reform (JLR)/University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform Caveat (JLR Caveat)1281234594.2Website
Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal1727-3781Academy of Science of South Africa1442193294.1Website
Journal of Current Chinese Affairs1868-1026SAGE361273093.9Website
Implementation Science1748-5908Springer Nature206411039993.4Website
Politics and Governance2183-2463Cogitatio729453293.4Website
African Journal of Political Science and International Relations1996-0832Academic Journals393141193.4
African Journal on Conflict Resolution1562-6997African Journals Online320144292.8Website
Intereconomics0020-5346Springer Nature4450908892.4Website
Environmental Economics1998-6041LLC CPC Business Perspectives49495792.1Website
Journal of Social and Political Psychology2195-3325PsychOpen GOLD Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID)355343692.1Website
Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship2192-5372Springer Nature262278092Website
Advances in social work1527-8565IUPUI University Library895448892Website
Problems and perspectives in management1727-7051LLC CPC Business Perspectives1999477591.9Website
Tilburg law review2211-0046Ubiquity Press, Ltd.725154891.4
Patient Experience Journal2372-0247The Beryl Institute423155391.3Website
Health & Justice2194-7899Springer Nature194157391.2Website
Asia Pacific journal of health management1833-3818Australasian College of Health Service Management56964391Website
The Bond Law Review1033-4505Bond University53657790.5Website
Legal education review1033-2839Bond University41594790.4Website
Brazilian Political Science Review1981-3821SciELO351121490.3Website
Media and Communication2183-2439Cogitatio620459190.2Website
Law, Democracy and Development2077-4907African Journals Online35580690.1Website
International Journal of STEM Education2196-7822Springer Nature355498490.1Website
Health literacy research and practice2474-8307SLACK, Inc.19867189.9Website
Journal of terrorism research2049-7040University of St. Andrews Library14966789.9Website
Social Inclusion2183-2803Cogitatio828436589.9Website
Journal of research in interprofessional practice and education1916-7342CISP Journal Services14475489.6
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal1837-5391University of Technology, Sydney26384889.4Website
Journal of Legal Analysis1946-5319Oxford University Press141182589.4Website
Journal of Cloud Computing2192-113XSpringer Nature341448189.4Website
Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement1836-3393University of Technology, Sydney19377189.1Website
Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice2052-3211Springer Nature543288289.1Website
BMC Health Services Research1472-6963Springer Nature1163921675889.1Website
Comparative Migration Studies2214-594XSpringer Nature319265989Website
The American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education0002-9459American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education54575896788.9Website
IZA Journal of Labor Policy2193-9004De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.174216188.5Website
European journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults2000-7426Linkoping University Electronic Press258127588.4Website
International Journal for Equity in Health1475-9276Springer Nature21294245288.4Website
Globalization and Health1744-8603Springer Nature11222671888.3Website
Israel Journal of Health Policy Research2045-4015Springer Nature686427988Website
Genocide Studies and Prevention1911-0359University of South Florida Libraries763132387.7Website
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues2345-0282Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center1022418887.5Website
Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training1877-6337SpringerOpen182116187.4Website
Investment management & financial innovations1810-4967LLC CPC Business Perspectives1585350187.2Website
Stability: International Journal of Security and Development2165-2627Ubiquity Press, Ltd.250201786.8Website
The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal1748-944XUniversity of Westminster Press21149886.7Website
Geojournal of Tourism and Geosites2065-0817Asociatia de Geografie74895086.6Website
American Review of Politics2374-7781University of Oklahoma Libraries55287786.1
Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance1836-0394University of Technology, Sydney30080186Website
NursingPlus Open2352-9008Elsevier14144085.7Website
Systematic Reviews2046-4053Springer Nature23724855985.6Website
IZA Journal of Migration2193-9039Springer Nature117164585.5Website
The Journal of Law of Education1226-301XThe Korea Society for Educational Law1474230285.3
Alberta law review0002-48212335223485.3
Open Praxis1369-9997428209385.3Website
Journal of International Humanitarian Action2364-3412Springer Nature12255285.2Website
Czech Journal of Tourism: Journal of Masaryk University1805-3580De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.6751685.1
Erasmus law review2210-2671Boom Uitgevers Den Haag35966485Website
The Journal of Chinese Sociology2198-2635Springer Nature16758985Website
African Journal of Business Ethics1817-7417Medknow Publications15953584.9Website
Asia Pacific journal of innovation and entrepreneurship2071-1395Emerald (MCB UP)125123584.8Website
Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation1478-7547Springer Nature539967684.8Website
Conflict and Health1752-1505Springer Nature600871584.3Website
Banks and Bank Systems1816-7403LLC CPC Business Perspectives885218884.3Website
Research & Politics2053-1680SAGE389503684.3Website
Nispacee Journal of Public Administration and Policy1337-9038De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.21468884.1
International journal of health policy and management2322-5939Maad Rayan Publishing Company15581231384Website
Journal of deliberative democracy2634-0488University of Westminster Press259149783.8
Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting1978-0591Indonesian Center for Social and Environmental Accounting Research and Development (ICSEARD)129107883.7Website
Public Policy and Administration Research2224-5731International Institute for Science, Technology and Education108769183.6
South African Crime Quarterly1991-3877Academy of Science of South Africa611171383.6Website
Baltic Journal of European Studies2228-0588De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.18751083.4
Journal of tourism futures2055-5911Emerald (MCB UP)348243683.3Website
Journal of Indonesian Islam1978-6301State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan, Ampel26447283.3Website
The Carl Beck papers in Russian and East European studies0889-275X19050583.2
Pharmacy2226-4787MDPI AG1015404683.1Website
Pharmacy Education1560-2214International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)1077251283.1
Science education international1450-104X622266882.8
Health Economics Review2191-1991Springer Nature459487482.6Website
Critical social work1543-9372University of Windsor Leddy Library18198282.3Website
Journal of Comparative Social Work0809-9936Stavanger University Library25467182.3Website
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education1302-6488Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education1436722682.3
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Access (OA)?
Open Access is the free online access of research articles coupled with the rights to use and distribute these articles fully in the digital environment.
What does “relevance” mean in the table?
In the table above, relevance is used to determine the level of association between a journal and the concept it is listed under, from 0-100.
How do you count total number of citations?
The citations show how often works from this journal are referenced in other research papers. This data is obtained from OpenAlex. Even though the accuracy is debatable, it could help you determine how prestigious a journal is on the whole.
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In some cases, articles published in journals are made open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. This is made usually made possible by an article-processing charge (APC) that covers the range of publishing services provided.
What are the different Open Access types?
Although there are Gold, Green, Hybrid, Bronze, Diamond, and Black Open Access licenses, here are the most common ones: Full Gold Open Access: article is freely and permanently accessible for everyone, immediately after publication. Hybrid Open Access: refers to a publishing model in which subscription-based journals allow authors to make individual articles gold open access immediately on payment of an article publication charge. Green Open Access: refers to the possibility to make subscription-based journal articles open access by uploading the peer-reviewed and accepted author manuscript to an institutional repository (such as DiVA)