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Open Access Intensive care medicine Journals

A list of Open Access Intensive care medicine journals for you to publish your manuscript in

Intensive care medicine is medical care subspecialty, treating critically ill

Open Access journals publish papers that are free to the reader to download. OA papers have undergone peer review and are not more or less stringent than papers in closed journals — the main difference is in the business model.

This list of Intensive care medicine OA journals will hopefully make it easier for you to have a better idea regarding where your want to publish your Intensive care medicine manuscript.
We have thousands of high-impact factor Intensive care medicine journals in our list.We've made this extensive list of open access Intensive care medicine journals so you can get a better overview of all the journals where you can publish open access.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Intensive care medicine venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Intensive care medicine journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Intensive care medicine OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Intensive care medicine Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Annals of Intensive Care2110-5820Springer Nature12212712669.2Website
Critical Care1364-8535Springer Nature1852634230068.8Website
OA critical care2052-9309Open Access Publishing London1710964.7
World journal of critical care medicine2220-3141Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Critical Care Medicine)226265864.6
The Southern African journal of critical care1562-8264South African Medical Association NPC28054863.2Website
Intensive Care Medicine Experimental2197-425XSpringer Nature1744530263Website
Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine0972-5229Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishing28171225161.2Website
Critical Care Research and Practice2090-1305Hindawi Limited414467856.3Website
International Journal of Clinical Transfusion Medicine2253-3249Dove Medical Press5315554.7
Canadian journal of kidney health and disease2054-3581SAGE603378153.2Website
The Korean Journal of Critical Care Medicine2383-4870The Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine58675351.9Website
병원감염관리1226-2382Korean Society for Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention299151.7
Acute and Critical Care2586-6052The Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine25359451.4Website
Anaesthesiology Intensive Therapy1642-5758722444851.4Website
Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease1753-4658SAGE640990251.1Website
Journal of emergency and critical care medicine2521-3563AME Publishing Company32135651.1
The Journal of Critical Care Medicine2393-180925763150.6
Revista Brasileira De Terapia Intensiva0103-507XGN1 Genesis Network1405824350.2Website
Therapeutic advances in drug safety2042-0986SAGE393697149.6Website
Critical care explorations2639-8028Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer) - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins878282649.2Website
European Respiratory Review0905-9180European Respiratory Society13713063248.6Website
Chronic Wound Care Management and Research2324-481XDove Medical Press8945048.3Website
The Journal of Korean Diabetes2233-7431Korean Diabetes Association49443547.4
Türk Yoğun Bakim Derneği Dergisi2147-267X40710147.2Website
Journal of intensive care2052-0492Springer Nature1425975545.8Website
Cardiac failure review2057-7540217272345.2Website
Reviews in Health Care2038-6699Seed SRL20416044.6Website
Case reports in critical care2090-6420Hindawi Limited436142843.3Website
Bangladesh Critical Care Journal2304-0009Bangladesh Journals Online27710742.6
Clinical medicine insights1179-5484SAGE12798341.7Website
Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control2047-2994Springer Nature22351914841.6Website
Drugs in context1740-4398Just Medical Media, Ltd.403345940.9Website
Journal of Intensive and Critical Care2471-8505Scitechnol Biosoft Pvt. Ltd (OMICS)12815940.6
Pulmonary therapy2364-1754Springer Nature17483839.1Website
Global & Regional Health Technology Assessment2284-2403Aboutscience Srl22517039.1Website
Thrombosis2090-1488Hindawi Limited88146737.5
World journal of transplantation2220-3230Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Transplantation)364433737.4
Pneumonia2200-6133Springer Nature11399437.2Website
Chronic Respiratory Disease1479-9723SAGE8071142436.9Website
Infectious Diseases and Therapy2193-6382Springer Nature674700336.9Website
World journal of nephrology2220-6124Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Nephrology)285444536.5
International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease1178-7058Dove Medical Press436508636.2Website
Infection prevention in practice2590-0889Elsevier20952335.9Website
Journal of Transplantation Technologies & Research2161-0991OMICS Publishing Group17125035.7
npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine2055-1010Springer Nature471561635Website
Journal of Cardiovascular Emergencies2457-550X16116634.8
Thrombosis update2666-5727Elsevier1138334.5Website
Infection and Chemotherapy1598-8112Korean Society of Infectious Diseases and Korean Society for Chemotherapy (KAMJE)1204695734.4
Kidney International Reports2468-0249Elsevier58091160534.3Website
Journal of Asthma and Allergy1178-6965Dove Medical Press597505633.3Website
World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics2219-2808Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics)208202433.2
Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine0891-1150Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine79335582933.1
Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy1660-3796S. Karger AG42441631632.5Website
Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care2348-0548Georg Thieme Verlag KG57238632.5Website
Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism2042-0188SAGE426551832.4Website
European cardiology1758-3756Radcliffe Group Ltd25037132Website
Journal of Medical Economics1369-6998Taylor & Francis20082189432Website
Open Forum Infectious Diseases2328-8957Oxford University Press192213620631.9Website
Perioperative medicine2047-0525Springer Nature289296731.8Website
Kidney medicine2590-0595Elsevier507131930.8Website
JAC-antimicrobial resistance2632-1823Oxford University Press56978130.8Website
The Egyptian Journal of Critical Care Medicine2090-7303Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer) - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins14323030.8Website
Journal of Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine2161-105XOMICS Publishing Group77087330.8
Kidney3602641-7650American Society of Nephrology (ASN)74188230.6
Morbidity and mortality weekly report1057-5987Centers for Disease Control MMWR Office36461430.6
European Clinical Respiratory Journal2001-8525Taylor & Francis209185230.6Website
Annals of research hospitals2523-0743AME Publishing Company8314530.1
portuguese journal of nephrology and hypertension0872-0169Publicacoes Ciencia e Vida, Lda47912630.1Website
US endocrinology1758-3918Touch Medical Media LTD.52559329.9
Breathe1810-6838European Respiratory Society1151517729.8Website
Signa Vitae1334-5605MRE Press60979829.6
Journal of Blood Medicine1179-2736Dove Medical Press523444229.3Website
Vestnik intensivnoj terapii1726-9806Practical Medicine Publishing House24316429.2Website
European Endocrinology1758-3772Touch Medical Media LTD.440148129.1
Core Evidence1555-1741150204628.7Website
Canadian Respiratory Journal1198-2241Hindawi Limited19742258428.7Website
Annals of palliative medicine2224-5820AME Publishing Company2762651528.7
Eurasian Journal of Pulmonology2148-3620Medknow Publications45330128.7Website
Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology1391-8834Sri Lanka Journals Online42332428.6Website
Therapeutic advances in infectious disease2049-9361SAGE266215528.6Website
Journal of drug assessment2155-6660Taylor & Francis429428.6Website
International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease1176-9106Dove Medical Press33585021928.6Website
Neonatal medicine2287-9412The Korean Society of Neonatology55458628.5Website
Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine1530-6550IMR Press1435800228.5Website
International Journal of Nephrology2090-214XHindawi Limited532646928.4Website
The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal1874-3064Bentham Science227239328.2
Geriatric Care2465-1109PAGEPress Publications14213428.2Website
Research and reports in neonatology1179-9935Dove Medical Press11444328.1Website
Clinical medicine insights1179-559XSAGE21749928.1
Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology1179-8475Dove Medical Press14641128.1Website
Burns & Trauma2321-3876Oxford University Press370425428.1Website
ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research1178-6981Dove Medical Press784707627.9Website
Diabetes Therapy1869-6961Springer Nature13151287027.9Website
The Journal of Association of Chest Physicians2320-8775Medknow Publications20918927.8Website
Transplant Research and Risk Management1179-1616Dove Medical Press8722227.6Website
Вестник анестезиологии и реаниматологии2078-5658New Terra43334727.5Website
European neurological review1758-3837Touch Medical Media LTD.495110927.5
Pediatric quality & safety2472-0054Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer) - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins583100827.3Website
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Open access (OA) is a set of principles and practices through which research is freely distributed online
What does “relevance” mean in the table?
If a journal has a relevance of “100”, that means that the journal is fully related to the concept it is listed under. If, on the other hand, a journal has a relevance of “0”, that means that the journal doesn’t have any relation to the topic it is listed under. So Nutrition might have a low relevance when included in Open Computer Science Journals
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The citations represent the times that works have cited papers under this journal. In our case, we obtain this data from OpenAlex, an open catalog of scholarly papers. It's hard to say how accurate it is but it can give you a general idea on how prestigious the journal is. The more work that have cited it, the better.
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Different open access types are commonly described using a colour system. The most commonly recognised names are “green”, “gold”, and “hybrid” open access; however, “bronze”, “black”, and “diamond” also exist.