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Geography is science that studies the terrestrial surface, the societies that inhabit it and the territories, landscapes, places or regions that form it when interacting with each other

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We hope this list of Geography OA journals will be helpful for you in deciding where to publish your Geography manuscript.
Our list includes all the high-impact factor Geography journals that may be relevant to your field of study. In any case, we've also included other journals that may also offer more affordable publishing fees.Rather than just the top hits Geography journals, we have made an exhaustive list of open accesss Geography journals. Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Geography venue for your manuscript.

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Open Access Geography Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Advances in Meteorology1687-9309Hindawi Limited14731455697.3Website
European Journal of Remote Sensing2279-7254Taylor & Francis788834397.2Website
The Cryosphere1994-041622716587696.3Website
Itc Journal0303-2434Elsevier943398395.7Website
Journal of Geography and Regional Planning2070-1845Academic Journals412217495.1
The Open Atmospheric Science Journal1874-2823Bentham Science142202994.4
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics1680-73161569163366394.3Website
npj climate and atmospheric science2397-3722Springer Nature277345193.1Website
Journal of Geographic Information System2151-1950Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.599317193
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques1867-138139258634492.9Website
Geojournal of Tourism and Geosites2065-0817Asociatia de Geografie74895092.8Website
Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters1674-2834Elsevier1189502692.8Website
Miscellanea geographica0867-6046De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.842128492.6
Fire Ecology1933-9747Springer Nature499782392.6Website
Journal of Maps1744-5647Taylor & Francis13771247092.2Website
South African Journal of Geomatics2225-8531African Journals Online25485292.1
Cities and the Environment1932-7048Loyola Marymount University207205191.8Website
Land2073-445XMDPI AG37421573591.6Website
The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science1110-9823Elsevier517648191.5Website
Biodiversity and Ecology1613-9801University of Hamburg, Biodiversitat, Evolution and Okologie der Pflanzen313103191.4
Advances in Science and Research1992-0628398323491.2Website
Geospatial Health1827-1987PAGEPress Publications675823791.1Website
Quaestiones Geographicae0137-477XDe Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.586368391
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies1090-6924National Speleological Society316278590.8
Acta geographica Slovenica1581-6613The Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts / Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti (ZRC SAZU)334245590.7Website
Mountain Research and Development0276-4741BioOne (International Mountain Society and United Nations University)26053885390.7Website
Meteorological Monographs0065-9401American Meteorological Society226552690.7Website
Documenta Praehistorica1408-967XFaculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana580333790.5Website
Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine1746-4269Springer Nature10353894290.2Website
Climate2225-1154MDPI AG951790390.2Website
Climate of The Past1814-932417135056490.1Website
Atmosphere2073-4433MDPI AG71263443590Website
Open Archaeology2300-656028783989.9Website
Remote Sensing2072-4292MDPI AG2554029696089.8Website
Ring0035-5429De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.288106989.6
European Countryside1803-8417De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.385187589.4Website
Hacquetia1581-4661De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.475128089.3
Earth Interactions1087-3562American Meteorological Society4191417189Website
Landscape Online1865-1542Landscape Online107198088.8Website
Climate Services2405-8807Elsevier268287388.8Website
Weather and climate extremes2212-0947Elsevier444913688.7Website
Atoll research bulletin0077-5630Smithsonian Institution782986188.5
Primate Conservation0898-6207BioOne (Conservation International)207401188.4
Journal of Geography0022-135XTokyo Geographical Society246962418588.2
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science2095-0055Springer Nature485735987.8Website
Современные проблемы дистанционного зондирования Земли из космоса2070-7401Space Research Institute RAS99782787.7
Journal of Geodetic Science2081-9943De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.244170387.7Website
Earth System Science Data1866-350811162891487.3Website
Check List1809-127XCheck List Journal3103986887.3Website
Avian Conservation and Ecology1712-6568Resilience Alliance, Inc.444406387.2Website
Acta Carsologica0583-6050The Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts / Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti (ZRC SAZU)748438687.2
Glasnik Srpskog geografskog društva0350-3593National Library of Serbia56287286.8Website
Annals of Glaciology0260-3055Cambridge University Press56059266186.7Website
Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer2151-8629Global Digital Central544182786.6Website
Tourism1332-7461Institute for Tourism27885686.3
Carbon Balance and Management1750-0680Springer Nature311670486.2Website
Proceedings of IAHS2199-899XCopernicus GmbH969262286.1Website
South African Journal of Agricultural Extension0301-603X402118085.8Website
Moravian Geographical Reports1210-8812De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.245183785.7Website
Tropical Conservation Science1940-0829SAGE810978285.7Website
Living Reviews in Landscape Research1863-7329Living Reviews21134185.7Website
Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association0156-1316University of Washington Libraries608368285.5
Geographica Pannonica0354-8724Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science376144985.4Website
Agricultural and Food Economics2193-7532Springer Nature239226885.4Website
Archaeofauna1132-6891Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad Autonoma de Madrid435202085.1
American Journal of Climate Change2167-9495Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.347234185
Journal of Water and Climate Change2040-2244IWA Publishing1017574184.9Website
Ocean Science1812-078411742400284.9Website
Journal of Current Chinese Affairs1868-1026SAGE361273084.8Website
Journal of Urban Management2226-5856Elsevier229169984.7Website
Artificial Satellites1509-3859418124584.7
Bois Et Forets Des Tropiques0006-579XCIRAD (Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique Pour le Developpement2205477284.6
Conservation Letters1755-263XWiley11844367284.5Website
International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation2141-243XAcademic Journals660355684.4
Nature and Conservation1314-3301Pensoft Publishers523307984.1Website
Boletin De La Asociacion De Geografos Espanoles0212-9426Asociacion Espanola de Geografia1891415384.1Website
Banko Janakari1016-0582Nepal Journals Online512117784
Spatium1450-569XNational Library of Serbia31895784Website
Fire2571-6255MDPI AG388183684Website
Diversity and Distributions1366-9516Wiley283011199684Website
Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies2214-5818Elsevier1181948383.9Website
Bulletin of glaciological research1345-3807Japanese Society of Snow and Ice161123883.9
Geoscientific Model Development1991-959X25897852483.4Website
The international archives of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences1682-17503783225383Website
International Journal of Health Geographics1476-072XSpringer Nature9543775483Website
Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies1996-1421AOSIS407255982.6Website
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences1027-5606503419533082.5Website
Journal of tourism futures2055-5911Emerald (MCB UP)348243682.5Website
Reports on geodesy0867-3179De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.104098382.3
Forest Ecosystems2197-5620Springer Nature417381282.3Website
Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate2115-7251EDP Sciences479678982.3Website
Trabajos De Prehistoria0082-5638Editorial CSIC1112737582.3Website
Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series1732-4254De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.789224982.1
Urban science2413-8851MDPI AG490292282Website
Geochronometria1733-8387De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.537654181.9
Marine Biodiversity Records1755-2672Springer Nature1264737581.7Website
Journal of Urban Ecology2058-5543Oxford University Press17590481.7Website
Arctic0004-0843The Arctic Institute of North America48775258281.5
Tellus B0280-6509Taylor & Francis34789797481.2Website
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