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Open Access Gender studies Journals

A list of Open Access Gender studies journals for you to publish your manuscript in

Gender studies is interdisciplinary academic field devoted to analysing gender identity and gendered representation

All articles published in Open Access journals have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

This list of Gender studies OA journals will hopefully make it easier for you to have a better idea regarding where your want to publish your Gender studies manuscript.
Our list includes all the high-impact factor Gender studies journals that may be relevant to your field of study. In any case, we've also included other journals that may also offer more affordable publishing fees.We've made this extensive list of open access Gender studies journals so you can get a better overview of all the journals where you can publish open access.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Gender studies venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Gender studies journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Gender studies OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Gender studies Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Gender Studies1583-980XDe Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.33014981.8
Transgender health2380-193XMary Ann Liebert359334581.1
International journal of gender, sexuality and law2056-3914Northumbria University Library331269.7
Journal of the International Network of Sexual Ethics and Politics2196-6931Barbara Budrich Publishers721965.3
Journal committed to social change on race and ethnicity2642-2387University of Oklahoma Libraries9311163.4Website
Journal of critical race inquiry1925-3850Queen's University Library486662.5
Journal of race, ethnicity and the city2688-4674Taylor & Francis284960.7Website
Feminist encounters2542-4920Lectito BV866158.1
Feminist encounters2468-4414Lectito BV72756.9Website
Columbia social work review2164-1250Columbia University Libraries16356.3Website
Masculinidades y cambio social2014-3605Hipatia Press41956.1Website
Aspasia1933-2882Berghahn Books21418656.1Website
African journal of gender and religion2707-2991University of the Western Cape Library Service871252.9
Women and History1738-6691Korean Association of Women's History28914950.9
Gender a výzkum2570-6578Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic8510450.6Website
Social Inclusion2183-2803Cogitatio828436550.1Website
Currents2689-8527University of Michigan Library242550
Caste2639-4928Brandeis University862947.7Website
Journal of counseling sexology & sexual wellness2577-1299Association of Counseling Sexology and Sexual Wellness341247.1
Journal for the Study of Religion1011-7601Academy of Science of South Africa39354946.3Website
Journal of Gypsy studies2515-3064Transnational Press London13646.2
Nordic journal of migration research1799-649XHelsinki University Press410207446.1Website
Journal of feminist scholarship2158-6179University of Rhode Island44445.5Website
Genealogy2313-5778MDPI AG44246445.5Website
Journal of Research in Gender Studies2164-0262Addleton Academic Publishers39359145.5
Journal of social inclusion1836-8808School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University18459744.6Website
Religion and Gender1878-5417Brill43853744.5
Ekonomicky Casopis0013-3035Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences49559444.4
Gender, rovné příležitosti, výzkum1213-0028Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic455844.4
History of women in the Americas2042-6348School of Advanced Study28942.9
Yeoseong'hag nonjib1598-7698Korean Women's Institute, Ewha Womans University1486142.6
Ethnicity and race in a changing world1758-8685Manchester University Press334142.4
International journal of young adult literature2634-5277Fincham Press26242.3
The advance journal2643-7031481141.7
Mashriq & mahjar2169-4435Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies88740.9Website
International journal of applied sociology2169-9704Scientific and Academic Publishing52240
Rwanda journal of health sciences2226-728XAfrican Journals Online53140
Sexes2411-5118MDPI AG765439.5Website
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies1929-9192University of Waterloo45778639.4Website
Invoke1927-7091University of Alberta Libraries28239.3
Zeszyty Teoretyczne Rachunkowości1641-4381Index Copernicus International1605306438.6Website
Annals of applied sport science2322-4479Armenian Green Publishing Co.1042538.5Website
Cadernos Pagu0104-8333SciELO1251641738.1Website
International journal of men's social and community health2561-9179Dougmar Publishing Group, Inc.457337.8Website
International Journal of Multicultural Education1934-5267Eastern University464217637.7Website
The journal for undergraduate ethnography2369-8721Dalhousie Libraries1334637.6Website
Revista interdisciplinaria de estudios de género de el colegio de México2395-9185El Colegio de Mexico, A.C.1045137.5Website
Pentecostalism, Charismatic, Neo-Prophetic Movements Journal2720-7749Noyam Publishers19336.8
Journal of critical thought & praxis2325-1204Iowa State University16934136.7
International journal of critical indigenous studies1837-0144Queensland University of Technology30536.7
For(e)dialogue2398-0532University of Leicester221336.4
International journal of English and comparative literary studies2709-4952Baynoon Centre for Studies and Development47236.2
Studies in the Maternal1759-0434Open Library of Humanities27985735.8Website
International journal of gender and women's studies2333-6021American Research Institute for Policy Development1687335.7
Feminist Studies in English Literature1226-9689The Korean Association for Feminist Studies in English Literature3924535.2
Mount Royal undergraduate humanities review2562-4733University of Alberta Libraries57335.1
InterAlia1689-6637InterAlia: A Journal of Queer Studies2068735Website
Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology2325-0496Oregon State University13160034.4
Critical romani studies /2560-3019Critical Romani Studies625833.9Website
Genero1451-2203Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science68633.8Website
Gender, sexuality & feminism2168-8850University of Michigan Library185733.3
Göttingen series in social and cultural anthropology2199-5346271333.3
Connections2563-6715University of Alberta Libraries18333.3
Sexual health issues2515-5660Open Access Text6933.3
Kafa'ah: Journal of Gender Studies2356-0630Universitas Islam Negeri Imam Bonjol Padang1981933.3Website
The Open Sociology Journal1874-9461Bentham Science91333.3
Prism2578-3491Duke University Press731332.9
Policy brief2618-026X252332
Feminist dissent2398-4139University of Warwick944231.9
East African journal of traditions, culture and religion2707-5362East African Nature and Science Organization57231.6
Musawa: Jurnal Studi Gender dan Islam1412-3460Al-Jami'ah Research Centre3034731.4Website
Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work1178-5527University of Otago Library659125631.4
Comparative Migration Studies2214-594XSpringer Nature319265931.3Website
Michigan journal of race & law1095-2721Michigan Journal of Race & Law (MJRL)7717931.2
Michigan journal of gender & law1095-8835Michigan Journal of Gender & Law (MJGL)27691031.2
James Baldwin Review2056-9203Manchester University Press931631.2Website
Al-Ma'iyyah1979-245XInstitut Agama Islam Negeri Parepare122631.1
Communication cultures in Africa2631-5408Winchester University Press13430.8Website
La Ventana1405-9436Universidad de Guadalajara2209830.5Website
Spectrum2561-7842University of Alberta Libraries23230.4Website
Studies in Social Justice1911-4788Brock University Library357239330.3Website
Journal of Transnational American Studies1940-0764eScholarship Publishing59039330.3Website
Géneros2014-3613Hipatia Press11010730Website
Lambda nordica1100-2573Foreningen Lambda Nordica1404330Website
JOMEC Journal2049-2340Cardiff University Press17426429.9
Al-Albab0216-6143IAIN Pontianak20111629.9Website
Migration, mobility, & displacement2369-288XUniversity of Victoria Libraries4717229.8
Feminist philosophy quarterly2371-2570University of Western Ontario, Western Libraries11525129.6Website
Decolonization of criminology and justice2703-1861Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Library273229.6
iQual2603-851XServicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad e Murcia442329.5
Journal of psychosexual health2631-8318SAGE18020629.4Website
Pacific health2537-8864Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Library17329.4
Nordic journal on law and society2002-7788Umea University Library411429.3
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal1837-5391University of Technology, Sydney26384828.9Website
South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal1960-6060OpenEdition34459228.8Website
Buana gender : jurnal studi gender dan anak2527-8096IAIN Surakarta28528.6
Altrelettere1664-6908Universitaet Zuerich, Romanisches Seminar56528.6
Journal of medical students, Galway2009-728X7428.6
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The citations represent the times that works have cited papers under this journal. In our case, we obtain this data from OpenAlex, an open catalog of scholarly papers. It's hard to say how accurate it is but it can give you a general idea on how prestigious the journal is. The more work that have cited it, the better.
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