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Botany is science of plant life

Open Access journals publish research articles that are free to to view and download. The main difference between articles in open access journals and those in closed journals is the business model. Both types of articles have to undergo the same peer review process.

This list of Botany Open Access journals will hopefully make it easier for you to decide where to publish your Botany manuscript.
Our list includes all the high-impact factor Botany journals as well as new journals. This should give you a better idea on where you should publish. In many cases, you only see lists of Botany journals, nonetheless, in our case we have made the list with open access Botany journals in mind.Use our different columns — number of papers, number of citations, and relevance — to find the best Botany venue for your manuscript.

The DOAJ columns refers to the The Directory of Open Access Journals, a list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access.
There are certain criteria a journal must meet to be indexed by DOAJ, and thus inclusion in the DOAJ index is seen by scholars as a mark of quality.

All the open access Botany journals in this list are indexed in
If you spot any mistakes in this table of Botany OA journals, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Open Access Botany Journals
NameISSNDOAJPublisherNo. of PapersCitationsRelevanceWebsite
Cell biology and development2580-4499UNS Solo924100
Novitates paleoentomologicae2329-5880The University of Kansas2297100
Miscellaneous publication /0075-5028125100
Insight biotechnology (Print)2040-8331Insight Knowledge347100
Plant sciences research1995-476XMedwell Publications622100
Arthropod systematics & phylogeny1863-7221Pensoft Publishers392897.4
Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control1110-17681273330096Website
PhytoKeys1314-2003Pensoft Publishers1235474895.7Website
Photosynthetica0300-3604Institute of Experimental Botany36505678994.8Website
International Journal of Odonatology1388-7890Worldwide Dragonfly Association599339794.5Website
Folia Horticulturae0867-1761De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.799315394.1
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science0003-1062American Society for Horticultural Science17028993.5Website
Forest phytophthoras2164-7232Oregon State University305993.3
European journal of taxonomy2118-9773Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle1095210793.2Website
Journal of Insects2314-6478Hindawi Limited2820692.9
International journal of modern botany2166-52141311092.3
Acarologia0044-586XEDP Sciences27681405392.3Website
Seed Science and Technology0251-0952International Seed Testing Association28283015792.2
Journal of Horticultural Research2300-500923986392.1Website
Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy1028-2092Bangladesh Journals Online498151691.6Website
پژوهشهای بذر ایران2383-1251Armenian Green Publishing Co.1295891.5Website
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology0310-7841CSIRO Publishing13758268391
Silvae Genetica0037-534918682467490.8
Asian Journal of Plant Pathology1819-1541Science Alert13971889.9
Journal of Hymenoptera Research1070-9428Pensoft Publishers955642389.7Website
Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology1019-763XPakistan Phytopathological Society56785989.4
African Natural History1816-83964724189.4Website
International journal of phytopathology2312-9344EScience Press16929689.3
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology1817-3721Bangladesh Journals Online409171089
Entomological Communications2675-1305Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil1334888.7Website
Acta Biologica Cracoviensia Series Botanica0001-5296De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.676542088.6
Journal of Biological Control2230-7281Informatics Publishing Limited3185431588.5
Fottea1802-5439Palacky University Olomouc417412688
Mycoscience1340-3540The Mycological Society of Japan19362121887.9Website
Dendrobiology1641-1307Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe514264887.9
Polish Botanical Journal1641-8190W. Szafer Institute of Botany Polish Academy of Sciences578204087.7
MycoKeys1314-4049Pensoft Publishers484339787.6Website
Journal of pollination ecology1920-7603International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relations208144087.5Website
Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops0971-3328TathQeef Scientific Publishing814149487.3
BioAssay1809-8460Lepidus Tecnologia8646587.2
Universal journal of plant science2332-337XHorizon Research Publishing Co., Ltd.8527687.1
Scientific Journal of Flowers and Ornamental Plants2356-78642049486.8
Plant Production Science1343-943XTaylor & Francis13511971186.8Website
International Journal of Entomology and Nematology2006-9855Academic Journals9022186.7
Journal of plant science & molecular breeding2050-2389Herbert Publications1519086.7
Insects2075-4450MDPI AG39032250386.7Website
Han'gug coji hag'hoeji1013-9354451104286.5
Journal of environmental horticulture0738-2898Horticultural Research Institute1702876386.5
Research in Plant Biology2231-5101TathQeef Scientific Publishing19750885.8
Journal of melittology2325-4467The University of Kansas11232685.7
Great Basin naturalist memoirs0160-239XSmithsonian Institution Biodiversity Heritage Library74685.7
New Disease Reports2044-0588743297285.7
Journal of Insect Science0970-383724953520385.7Website
The Journal of Plant Protection Sciences2249-384012521885.6
Sociobiology0361-6525Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana23501549585.5Website
Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences2090-0791Egypts Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research975131985.5Website
Phytopathologia Mediterranea0031-9465Firenze University Press16191298885.4Website
International Journal of Insect Science1179-5433SAGE8233385.4Website
Journal of Plant Protection Research1427-4345De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.1347775185Website
Vegetable Crops Research Bulletin1506-9427De Gruyter Open Sp. z o.o.481199184.8
Tropical Grasslands - Forrajes Tropicales2346-3775Tropical Grasslands - Forrajes Tropicales396128284.8Website
Horticulturae2311-7524MDPI AG1574401084.7Website
Journal of Horticultural Sciences0973-354XSociety for Promotion of Horticulture - Indian Institute of Horticultural Research49441984.6Website
Horticultural Science0862-867XCzech Academy of Agricultural Sciences735388384.5Website
Current agriculture research journal2321-9971905184.4
Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research2038-324XPAGEPress Publications25686784.4Website
Cryptogam biodiversity and assesment2456-0251Indian Lichenological Society702884.3
Peanut Science0095-3679American Peanut Research & Education Society12591158284.2
ZooKeys1313-2970Pensoft Publishers64513510384.1Website
Thaiszia1210-0420Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice502184
Bangladesh Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics1026-3071Bangladesh Journals Online14423784
Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding0975-928XEJPB, ISPB, CPBG - Tamil Nadu Agricultural University2081263884Website
North American Fungi1937-786XPacific Northwest Fungi Project14981183.9
Annals of Plant Sciences2287-688XAdhya Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.53651883.8
Willdenowia0511-9618Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin, Freie Universitaet Berlin1545855683.8Website
Advances in horticultural science0394-6169Firenze University Press1107380283.6Website
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum-hortorum Cultus1644-0692Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Lublinie1307422883.2
Horticultural Plant Journal2468-0141Elsevier369206483.2Website
African Journal of Plant Science1996-0824Academic Journals790442783.2
Rheedea (Calicut)0971-2313Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT)942183
Journal of Plant breeding and Crop Science2006-9758471212483
Journal of Plant Interactions1742-9145Taylor & Francis8191323783Website
Aob Plants2041-2851Oxford University Press9311534182.9Website
International Journal of Plant Biology2037-0156PAGEPress Publications13385782.7
American Journal of Plant Sciences2158-2742Scientific Research Publishing, Inc.26521545382.4
The Korean Journal of Mycology0253-651XThe Korean Society of Mycology1666327482.3Website
Acta herbologica0354-4311Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science964482.3
Horticulture research2052-7276Springer Nature11151430382.2Website
Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology1518-7853SciELO1113776882.2Website
Entomologia2281-9584PAGEPress Publications2822982.1
Botanica Serbica1821-2638National Library of Serbia848082.1Website
Breeding Science1344-7610Japanese Society of Breeding16822655882
Journal of Tropical Crop Science2356-0177Institut Pertanian Bogor15013682Website
Blumea0006-5196Naturalis Biodiversity Center18201215282
Journal of Seed Science2317-1537614186781.9Website
Megataxa2703-3082Magnolia Press3315581.8Website
Nota lepidopterologica0342-7536Pensoft Publishers16521981.8Website
Botanical Studies1817-406XSpringer Nature798887981.7Website
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Access (OA)?
Open Access is the free online access of research articles coupled with the rights to use and distribute these articles fully in the digital environment.
What does “relevance” mean in the table?
If a journal has a relevance of “100”, that means that the journal is fully related to the concept it is listed under. If, on the other hand, a journal has a relevance of “0”, that means that the journal doesn’t have any relation to the topic it is listed under. So Nutrition might have a low relevance when included in Open Computer Science Journals
How do you count total number of citations?
The citations show how often articles from a journal have been referenced in other works. We get this data from OpenAlex.
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If you're interested in seing more lists similar to this one, you can find all our lists on
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That's exactly why we made these lists, so you can find a journal that will publish your paper. We at don't offer publishing services.
What is an APC?
Article Processing Charges (APCs) are charged to authors of scholarly articles during the publication process. APCs are used by open access journals.
What are the different Open Access types?
Depending on the license, a research paper might be categorised as a) Gold Open Access, b) Hybrid Open Access, c) Green Open Access, d) Bronze Open Access, e) Diamond Open Access, or f) Black Open Access