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New Study Proves Bicycle Commuters are Healthier (and Care More About the Environment)

Japanese Study Shows Healthy Behavior and Environmental Behavior Correlate with Bicycle Commuting

A new study by Qiang Liu, Toshiaki Yamada, Hang Liu, Li Lin and Qiaoling Fang published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has shown a strong correlation between bicycle commuting and healthy behaviors and environmental behaviors.

The healthy behaviors examined were healthy diet, avoiding tobacco, or overdrinking, and physical activity. Healthy diet refers to balanced diet, breakfast, and sufficient vegetable intake.

The results indicated that “avoiding tobacco or overdrinking”, “physical activity”, and “purchasing behavior” are positively correlated with using bicycles. It should be noted that this may also be vice versa, for active commuting by bicycle is can also impact health.

The authors suggest offering appropriate bicycle policies that target users who engage in “avoiding tobacco or overdrinking”, “physical activity”, or “purchasing behavior” among commuters.

See the paper here or download the PDF for free →

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