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Wow – these look like some fantastic updates from our friends at Litmaps!

“We’ve released a revamped LitmapsApp and dataset. The updates are the culmination of all we’ve learned in the past six months from our user base of more than 125,000 researchers from all over the world” – Axton Pitt, Litmaps CEO & Co-founder

Litmaps is a Literature Discovery Tool that helps researchers find academic papers they didn’t know they needed to know about. Discovery is in their DNA.

We at have partnered with Litmaps so you can now not only find research papers but also visualize them and find other relevant research that you would have otherwise not come across. By integrating and partnering with Litmaps, we hope to bring more of our users to a great tool whose mission is to share relevant research with the world.

As part of their new updates, Litmaps has introduced monitored searches. You can now set up and save searches which Litmaps will monitor in the background for you every day. As new articles are published, Litmaps will send you specific and refined alerts, helping you focus on actual research.

Over the last 6 months the team at Litmpas has been working alongside its users to develop and introduce a new user interface. They’ve separated Discovery (the process of finding papers) from the process of Visualizing the relationships between papers in a given collection. This means that a user can stop trying to do Discovery and Visualization tasks at once, and can focus on being a groundbreaking science communication and storytelling tool in its own right.

If you haven’t clicked on our “Visualise on Litmaps” button yet, make sure you do!

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